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Where and When?

You are in Seville. Want to see everything but not sure where to start?

Our tour takes 3 hours and let our guides show you charismatic everything this wonderful city has to offer. Come on a tour very entertaining and rewarding to teach you the secrets of this beautiful city.

This tour explores centuries of history Seville, a city that lives immersed in his impressive history, inadvertently dissociate from reality that aprisiona.Una reality does not correspond to past centuries, with its wealth of stories and legends preromanas, Roman, Gothic, Mudejar, Baroque and neoclassical, among many others.

The history of Seville, as in other large cities in the world, has been enriched with an abundant wealth of legendary events that often the chroniclers of the past centuries, confused with reality itself.

How can one be a free tour of the best in Europe?

Tower oroNuestros guides, trained in some of the best universities in the world, have been established in Seville because they love this city and its fascinating history. We want everyone to experience Seville, regardless of your budget, as yourself who will determine the value of our adventure through the old Hispalis.

In the course of 3 hours on foot to cover all the important places, such as

Puerta de Jerez                                Plaza Nueva

Antigua Fábrica de Tabacos       Puente de Isabel II

Paseo Catalina de Ribera              Barrio de Triana

Santa Cruz                                           Gold Tower

Giralda Cathedral and                    Parque Maria Luisa

Square Plaza del Salvador            Square Spain

Whether you are in Seville for a weekend or you’re living in the capital of southern Spain a few years ago, we guarantee that you’ll have fun during our tour in a big way and we assure you again after our tour with a new Seville perspective ..

Where and When?

Our tours will be offered every Saturday at 10:30 am in Plaza Puerta de Jerez.


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